GentleYoung Enterprise was established in 1986. When the company was founded, Chairman Wu clearly knew that strict quality control, professional production efficiency, and customer-satisfied service attitude were necessary to gain a foothold in the highly competitive fastener market. Therefore, from the very beginning, in order to receive orders, business personnel must clearly know what the customer’s needs are, and then the production management personnel will provide a complete production and delivery process from the manufacturing process, packaging to shipment, so that the products can be Delivered to the customer within the deadline.
In terms of quality control, Jinyang Enterprise uses a complete quality system and strict quality control by production personnel and quality control personnel to ensure the reliability of product quality and increase the trust of customers,It produces high-efficiency and high-quality products. To meet customer needs.
"Improve customer satisfaction, increase production capacity attainment rate and reduce process defect rate" is Chairman Wu's business philosophy.
Chairman Wu has high hopes for the company's future business philosophy. In addition to achieving a win-win situation for the company and customers, each employee can also make full use of their own materials and materials to achieve "safety, personal safety and material safety" San'an work. For social stability.

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